Why is swimming considered as a better exercise than running?

Swimming and running have their own scopes of benefits to the human health and body.Both the exercises effectively aid in weight loss and provide a boost to the health of the heart. All related advantages can be followed on yourswimlog by visiting the website However, in terms of health benefits, swimming out numbers the benefits associated with running.

  • While swimming, the workout tends to occur on the complete body rather than emphasizing on any single part or organ. Compared to running, swimming involves stretching, twisting, and pulling of the upper body and the lower body together in a pattern. This is, however, not seen in case of running as it mainly involves the lower body exercise.

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  • In case of constant intake of calories, swimming for half an hour helps an individual to lose weight when the individual possess higher intensity levels. This is not always similarwhile running. Around 250 calories can be burnt down through half an hour of effective swimming and this is almost 90% of what an individual eats throughout the day assuming they intake 500 calories each day. A greater amount of physical effort is needed while swimming compared to running and that too with the involvement of the complete body muscles.
  • Swimming involves more cardio exercise compared to running due to the body resistance offered by water.
  • The resistance of water is much strongerwhile swimming compared to wind while running.The resistance offered by water is constant and continuous when an individual is inside the pool of water compared to when they are on land and running.

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