What Features To Look For When Buying A Trampoline From Trampolinexperten?

Buying a trampoline is something almost every person has had a fantasy of in their younger days. Unless you are lucky enough and your parents do it for you, you are probably only just going about purchasing one for yourself. You are probably browsing trampolinexperten and thinking what to look out for right?

There are plenty of characteristics of a trampoline that need to be looked at. So, let’s make things a bit easier shall we? Here mentioned are some of the features that you should take into consideration when buying a trampoline for yourself.

The Frame

The frame is probably the most important aspect of the trampoline. After all, it holds up everything together putting up with your weight and the force of your jumping. A trampoline that has a quality frame will automatically last much longer than one which does not. Try to avoid ones that have welded joints because they tend to break apart very easily.

The Bounce Mat

The second thing of importance is the bouncing pad itself. It needs to be strong and firm and hard wearing in nature. It will take the direct impact of your falling body after all. As such, it should also be smooth lest you scorch your skin on rubbing against it. Most trampolines that last long are padded on top with Polyester as opposed to some other material.

Spring Count

Lastly, you need to take into account the spring count of your trampoline as well. Large trampolines tend to have greater number of springs compared to the smaller ones. But keep in mind that a greater spring count does not necessarily mean better quality. It has to be in the optimal range in order to produce the best ‘bouncy’ effect. So pay a visit and get all the best products at the best prices.