Guatemalan Crafts and Its Process of Making

Guatemalan crafts are also known in the local term as artesanias and are an intricate part of the famous Maya culture. Its roots are mostly from that of the age-old practices which particulate the incoming of Spanish. These various traditions carried forward are localized and many such villages carry forward the practices on making crafts in specialized forms. It seems sensible to visit a lot of villages to get an idea about the marketplace especially the villages in the highlands. The color, grandeur and the intrinsic details involved in the products cannot be found anywhere around in entire Central America and its parts.

What is Artesanias?

To know which is the best place to purchase products of Guatemalan architect one needs to go through guatemala-times. The best place to acquire them is of their origin that is from where they belong. Here the prices are categorically affordable and the most exciting part of the same is that a portion of the profit is given to the people who make it, the craftsmen. The best part is a large part of the profit is shared with the women who are involved in craftsmanship.

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Suppose you are yet to travel to the interior villages in the highland the best days to go there are on Thursdays and Sundays. The street place where the marketplace seems a bit cheaper is in and around Antigua and parts of Panajachel.

To have a better idea of the crafts available in this area you can visit this

Preparation and craftsmanship

The lesser known part of the story is textile weaving is considered to be one of the most prominent crafts that the people of Guatemala produce. The parts of Maya village have different types of styles in designs and their types of traditional styles. They have extremely delicate patterns and usage of vibrant colors which make the craftsmanship a better one. These fine and delicate process of weaving is done in a way which takes place at the loom backstrap. Extremely complex techniques of wrapping and float of weft are used in the process of making it.